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WiviCard Development Kit- US LTE Edition (pre-order)


This development kit has all you need to start sending data over LTE networks in the US.  The kit contains the following items:

  • 1 limited edition development board (first 100 development boards will be signed by our lead hardware designer and marked with an edition number);
  • WiviCard™ VZW-C1-001 LTE Cat 1 modem that comes with a data subscription that includes the first 20 megabytes free ($3/MB thereafter);
  • Access to the Wivity Development Portal, which contains documentation, CAD files, device management capabilities, and more.

The development board has the following features:

  • based on the TI MSP430 processor family;
  • three external antenna SMAs;
  • bypass mode to connect a PC or separate development board directly to WiviCard modems via serial or USB.

This product is scheduled to ship in April 2017 with limited samples available in March 2107.