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WiviCard Adapter Development Package- US LTE Edition (pre-order)


This development package is a less expensive version of our LTE development kit because it substitutes out our full-blown limited edition development board for our No Brainer Board USB-WiviCard adapter.  Otherwise, everything else is the same as it has all you need to start sending data over LTE networks in the US via a USB cable.  The package contains the following items:

  • 1 No Brainer Board;
  • WiviCard™ VZW-C1-001 LTE Cat 1 modem that comes with a data subscription that includes the first 20 megabytes free ($3/MB thereafter);
  • Access to the Wivity Development Portal, which contains documentation, CAD files, device management capabilities, and more.

This product is scheduled to ship in April 2017 with limited samples available in March 2017.