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WiviCard Development Kit- Sigfox Region 2 Edition


This development kit has all you need to start using Wivity's Universal HTTP messaging service over Sigfox.  Sigfox is a public wireless network that normally limits data payloads to 12 bytes.  Universal HTTP allows you to send HTTP requests over bandwidth limited networks such as Sigfox.

The kit contains the following items:

  • 1 limited edition development board (first 100 development boards will be signed by our lead hardware designer and marked with an edition number);
  • WiviCard™ SGF-R2-001 Sigfox modem with free unlimited data for the first year, $12/year thereafter (first 50 modems only);
  • Access to the Wivity Development Portal, which contains documentation, CAD files, device management capabilities, and more.

The development board has the following features:

  • based on the TI MSP430 processor family;
  • three external antenna SMAs;
  • bypass mode to connect a PC or separate development board directly to WiviCard modems via serial or USB.

This product is available now.

NOTICE- Wivity does not guarantee Sigfox coverage for those who buy this kit.  Please contact us at to confirm coverage.  A limited number of Sigfox base stations are available for loan on a case-by-case basis at the determination of Sigfox.  This product is only certified for use in the USA.