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Wivity Development Kits

Wivity's development kits contain all you need to get started with the WiviCard™ platform:
  • 1 Development Board
  • 1 WiviCard modem
  • Free data for a limited time
  • An account on Wivity's developer portal.

We are currently shipping our SIGFOX development kit.  Our US LTE version will be available in April 2017 (contact us for samples).

  • Our first 100 development boards will be a numbered limited edition signed by our hardware lead.
  • Our first 50 SIGFOX modems come with UNLIMITED LIFETIME DATA (see product page for details). 
The WiviCard™ connectivity platform uses plug-and-play modems that allow your IoT device to connect any wireless network in the world.  Each WiviCard™ modem, whether it be LTE, SIGFOX, WiFi, or satellite, looks exactly the same to your device.  They not only have the same small form-factor (1" x 1.25" x 0.2") but also the same software interface.  In fact, all Wivity modems eschew proprietary AT commands and instead speak HTTP, the universal language of the Internet now and in the future.
Inside each Wivity modem is a lightweight web server that understands exactly how to deliver your HTTP request to your server.  For example, our SIGFOX modem packetizes and compresses your HTTP request so it can be delivered over a network that has a maximum packet size of 12 bytes.  Many of our WiviCard modems also give you an IP pipe which allows you run any IP-based protocol (HTTP, MQTT, Modbus, etc.).  
Sound too good to be true?  Order your Wivity development kit today and see for yourself. Build once, connect everywhere!